Following the announcement of the second Monster Hunter Digital Event featuring Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom has released a soundtrack sampler for Monster Hunter Rise on Spotify and iTunes. This mini album includes the full village theme, Proof of a Hero (Rise version), Magnamalo’s theme, and more. Ahead of the Monster Hunter Rise release date in March 2021, I recently spoke to Yasunori Ichinose at Capcom about Monster Hunter Rise’s returning monsters and more. Read the full interview here. Watch the newest trailer for Monster Hunter Rise below:

Monster Hunter Rise original soundtrack mini album on Spotify and Apple Music

You can stream and download the Monster Hunter Rise original soundtrack mini album here on Spotify. It includes six tracks. You can also stream it on Apple Music here.

Monster Hunter Rise original soundtrack mini album download on iTunes

If you’d rather buy the digital version and download it through iTunes, use this link. It is priced at Rs. 50 in India.

Monster Hunter Rise India release date

As of now, the Monster Hunter Rise physical release has not been listed for India. I’ve reached out to Capcom’s distributor here, e-Xpress Interactive, about this and will update the story if I get a response.

Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

Updated on February 24, 2021 at 1:30 PM – Added iTunes link.

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