Raiden III x Mikado Maniax from NIS America and Moss hit PS5, PS4, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch this June, but the PC version was nowhere to be seen. The release date on Steam eventually changed to just “coming soon”, and I gave up on hit making it in 2023. I was wrong because NIS America just released Raiden III X Mikado Maniax on Steam right now. There’s a deluxe edition and a discount for owning Raiden IV if you buy the deluxe bundle. Read my review of the Switch version of Raiden IV x Mikado Remix here, PC review here, and PS5 and Xbox review here. Read my Raiden III x Mikado Maniax Switch and Xbox review here. Watch the Raiden III x Mikado Maniax new gameplay trailer below:

Raiden III x Mikado Maniax limited edition

The limited edition includes the following with pre-orders now live here:

  • Raiden III x Mikado Maniax Deluxe Edition for Xbox, PS5, PS4, or Switch
  • “Thundersongs” 2-disc Original Soundtrack
  • “Supercharged Schematics” Poster
  • “Command Base” Acrylic Phone Stand
  • Collector’s Box
Raiden III x Mikado Maniax limited edition

Check out the official Raiden III x Mikado Maniax website here. I’m glad this one has finally hit all platforms in the West now following the PC delay. Check it out on Steam here.

Raiden III x Mikado Maniax is now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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