One of Death Stranding’s redeeming qualities is its music. From the likes of Low Roar (who appear to have contributed every song the band has ever written if the Death Stranding music list is any indication) to Metal Gear Solid 5 composer Ludvig Forssell, it’s a varied affair. Through the 50 or so hours it would take you to complete Death Stranding’s story, it’s accompanied a hauntingly appropriate selection of songs. Here are all of them.

Death Stranding music list

  • Don’t Be So Serious – Low Roar
  • Bones (ft. Jófríður Ákadóttir) – Low Roar
  • Poznan – Low Roar
  • Anything You Need – Low Roar
  • Easy Way Out – Low Roar
  • I’m Leaving – Low Roar
  • Give Up – Low Roar
  • Waiting (10 years) – Low Roar
  • Gosia – Low Roar
  • Without You – Low Roar
  • Breathe In – Low Roar
  • Because We Have To – Low Roar
  • St. Eriksplan – Low Roar
  • Rolling Over – Low Roar
  • Once In A Long, Long While – Low Roar
  • The Machine – Low Roar
  • Patience – Low Roar
  • Not Around – Low Roar
  • Please Don’t Stop (Chapter 1) – Low Roar
  • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight – Low Roar
  • Please Don’t Stop (Chapter 2) – Low Roar
  • I’ll Keep Coming – Low Roar
  • Asylums For The Feeling ft. Leila Adu – Silent Poets
  • Almost Nothing ft. Okay Kaya – Silent Poets
  • Pop Virus – Gen Hoshino
  • Nice Hot Water – Rokusuke Ei and Taku Izumi
  • BB’s Theme – Ludvig Forssell ft Jenny Plant
  • Death Stranding – Chvrches

And if you’re wondering about the Death Stranding original soundtrack by Ludvig Forssell, we got you covered with those details too. It’s available on iTunes right now.

Death Stranding original soundtrack

  • Once, There Was an Explosion
  • Alone We Have No Future
  • Bridges
  • Soulless Meat Puppet
  • Beached Things
  • Chiral Carcass Culling
  • The Face of Our New Hope
  • John
  • An Endless Beach
  • Heartman
  • The Severed Bond
  • Claws of the Dead
  • Fragile
  • Stick vs Rope
  • A Final Waltz
  • Strands
  • Lou
  • BB’s Theme
  • Flower of Fingers
  • Cargo High
  • Demens
  • Decentralised by Nature
  • Mules
  • Porter Syndrome
  • Chiralium
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Stepping Stones
  • Frozen Space
  • The Timefall

There’s a tie-in album as well, featuring the likes of Khalid and Chvrches. You can check it out on Spotify.

Death Stranding Timefall track list

  • Trigger – Major Lazer x Khalid
  • Ghost – Au/Ra x Alan Walker
  • Death Stranding – Chvrches
  • Yellow Box – The Neighbourhood
  • Meanwhile… In Genova – The S.L.P.
  • Ludens – Bring Me the Horizon
  • Born in The Slumber – Flora Cash
  • Sing to Me – Missio

If you’re interested in all things Death Stranding or just curious to what all the hype is about, we have you covered. You can also check out our spoiler-free Death Stranding review, lore guide that explains various terms in its world, beginner’s tips and tricks to get you started, every celebrity cameo in the game, details on its day one patch, how long it would take to unlock its platinum trophy and much more. A PC version is due in 2020.

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