Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch is out now. The PlatinumGames-developed action title sports a cyberpunk setting, over the top combat, and apparently is around 15 hours long. While it is out on cartridge, if you plan on getting it digitally, the Astral Chain download size is 9.6GB. Aside from finally being available, PlatinumGames has revealed a day one patch. The Astral Chain day one patch download size is around 188MB.

Astral Chain day one patch notes

  • Functional Changes and Additions
    • Added Item Sort function to the menu.
    • Multiple goods can now be sold at once at shops.
    • The “Temporary Field Supply” item icon has been adjusted for visual clarity.
    • “Temporary Field Supply” items are those that can only be used during the “FILE” in play
    • When using items from the shortcut menu, “Temporary field supply” items of the same name will now automatically be prioritized and used instead.
    • Added a “Type” category to the ability codes Sort function.
    • Added a function to delete multiple ability codes at once.
  • General Changes
    • Adjusted game balance.
    • Fixed an issue where quitting the game during the training mode could cause lock ups.
    • Fixed an issue where specific steps would lead to the order “Ark Tourist” being impossible to complete.
    • Fixed an issue where opening the menu and returning to the title screen at a specific timing before an autosave would cause save data to be corrupted.
    • Additionally fixed several issues to allow for a more comfortable gameplay experience.

Astral Chain price

Like most new Nintendo Switch games, the Astral Chain price is $60 (around Rs. 4,200). However you can get it cheaper. Here’s how.

Astral Chain – how to get it cheap

Another option is buying Astral Chain as a part of the Nintendo Switch game voucher program. This brings the price of the game down to $50 from $60 for a savings of $10. The catch is, you’ll need to buy another game from Nintendo’s list of eligible titles as well for a combined savings of $20 on what usually is a $120 purchase for both games digitally. With the list including the likes of Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, there’s enough of a reason to go digital so as long as you have a big enough microSD card. While the discount voucher program has ended in the US, if you’ve already bought vouchers, you can use them towards Astral Chain. The discount voucher program is still ongoing in other territories like Europe.

Astral Chain frame rate and resolution

Video game tech analysis website Digital Foundry had some quality hands on time with the game and has revealed its resolution and frame rate. The Astral Chain frame rate is 30fps and sports a dynamic resolution that sticks close to 900p in docked mode on the Nintendo Switch. At the moment the frame rate and resolution for Astral Chain in handheld mode for the Nintendo Switch is unknown as Digital Foundry only managed to play it in docked mode.

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