Fairy Tail from Gust and Koei Tecmo recently released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC worldwide and is one of the better anime games you can play. With a lot of DLC planned and a season pass available, Fairy Tail has been getting a lot of post-launch support with updates and DLC. The Fairy Tail day one patch added character model fixes, adjustments to the script, and more while the next update that added photo mode was followed by version 1.03 with support for new DLC. Today, Fairy Tail version 1.04 has begun rolling out worldwide on PS4 and Nintendo Switch while Fairy Tail version 1.05 has arrived on Steam. This is different from the Fairy Tail 1.04 update on Steam that had PC-specific fixes. Today’s update adds support for the new DLC that releases beginning today. Check out a screenshot from the DLC requests set below:

Fairy Tail version 1.04 update patch notes for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

While the Fairy Tail version 1.04 update for PC went live beforehand, a new update will go live on Steam for the new DLC tomorrow. The update for PS4 and Nintendo Switch adds support for the new DLC detailed below and an increased maximum character rank. The Nintendo Switch download size for this update is very small as usual and the game updated in under a minute for me. On PS4, the download size is 83.30MB while it is 45.9MB on Steam.

Expansion Update: Maximum Character Rank Increase.

  • Limit on Character Rank has been further increased (from 10 to 12).
  • Improved compatibility with the new DLCs.
  • Corrected typographical errors and messages.
  • Fixed various bugs and defects.

Fairy Tail version 1.05 update patch notes for Steam

On Steam, the 1.04 update content arrives in Fairy Tail version 1.05. It includes the following:

  • Character Rank limit has been increased (from 10 to 12)
  • Creating more opportunities to strengthen your party!
  • Corrected typographical errors and messages.
  • Fixed various bugs.

Fairy Tail new DLC and prices for September

Today, Fairy Tail gets new DLC in the form of Additional Friends Set: Lisanne and Elfman. This follows the Additional Friends Set: Levy and Lyon. All of this is included in the Fairy Tail Season Pass and sold separately. On the PS Store in India, it is priced at Rs. 1,664 which is the same as the prior additional friends set. Check it out here on the PS Store in India and here on Steam. The other DLC released today is the Very Difficult Requests Set (S-Rank Requests, 10-Year Quest, 100-Year Quest). This is priced at Rs. 832 on the PS Store in India. On Steam the pricing for the DLC is Rs. 529 and Rs. 349 respectively.

Fairy Tail Additional Friends Set Lisanne and Elfman DLC contents:

Included Content:
●Playable Characters “Lisanna” and “Elfman”
Allows players to place Lisanna and Elfman in their team as playable characters.

●Character Story
Allows Lisanna and Elfman’s “Character Story” to be triggered during chapter 3, episode 1. By advancing the “Character Story”, Lisanna and Elfman will be added as companions.

●3 Special Costumes for Lisanna & Elfman
The following 6 costumes are added:
– Lisanna’s Costume “Special Swimsuit”
– Elfman’s Costume “Special Swimsuit”
– Lisanna’s Costume “Anime Final Season”
– Elfman’s Costume “Anime Final Season”
– Lisanna’s Costume “Dress-Up”
– Elfman’s Costume “Dress-Up”

Fairy Tail Very Difficult Requests Set DLC contents

Included Content:
●S-Rank Requests
Allows 3 varieties of S-Rank Requests to be taken on.

●10-Year Quest
Allows 1 10-Year Quest to be taken on.

●100-Year Quest
Allows 1 100-Year Quest to be taken on.

Note: The contents are unlocked during the epilogue, episode 6, and can be accepted from the request board.

Fairy Tail Season Pass price

The Fairy Tail Season Pass detailed went live on the PS Store in many regions. It is available in India for Rs. 4,995 and $59.99 in the PS Store in USA.

Fairy Tail is out now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Read my PC review here and PS4 and Nintendo Switch comparison here.

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