With one month having gone by since the PS5 India release date, Sony hasn’t announced plans for a restock yet. Early last month, there were plans for a PS5 restock this month and a new report from IGN India today reveals that the PS5 India restock is set for the end of the month. IGN India spoke to multiple sources at Sony about this and it looks like those waiting for a PS5 in India will be able to attempt to get one later this month. As of now, it is also unclear if this is when the PS5 Digital Edition India release date will be and whether any of the accessories that didn’t make it here at launch will be included in this restock.

In the lead up to the PS5 India release date, retailers like Games The Shop, Amazon India, and MCube Games have been slowly listing more PS5 games for India including upcoming games like Resident Evil VillageBalan Wonderworld, more. Previously, Sony told IGN India that there would not be a future pre-order wave and that customers should stay in touch with retailers for updates on the matter following the PS5 selling out within minutes when pre-orders opened for Sony’s console for India.

It is going to be interesting to see how much stock Sony manages to bring in later this month assuming the PS5 restock remains on track after this delay. Ahead of the PS5 India restock, read my PS5 review here focussing on games, the controller, and the PS5 dashboard.

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