Yesterday, Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed the Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown 2nd Anniversary Update. Following the Ace Combat 7 version 1.51 update that arrived before and the 25th Anniversary free update, Ace Combat 7’s 2nd Anniversary Update on all platforms is out now as Ace Combat 7 version 1.60 update bringing in many free skins and emblems. The Ace Combat 7 version 1.60 update download size is 345MB on PS4. We featured Ace Combat 7 in our Best Games of 2019Best Xbox One Games of 2019, and Best PC Games of 2019 features. We even selected Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown as our best soundtrack of 2019. Check out the trailer for tomorrow’s Ace Combat 7 2nd Anniversary Update below:

Ace Combat 7 version 1.60 update patch notes

The Ace Combat 7 2nd Anniversary update patch notes are below:

Added 10 new skins and 10 new emblems. Skins and emblems can be viewed by choosing “Select a Skin” and “Select Emblem”.

Note: Skins and emblems can only be changed in campaign mode after completing the campaign mode once. In multiplayer mode they can be changed from the beginning.

10 New Skins: X-02S Glowing, F-22A Phoenix, F-4E Mobius, F-15E Garuda, ASF-X Ridgebacks, F-16C Crow, Su-37 Scarface, Typhoon UPEO, F-22A Gryphus and Su-37 UPEO.

10 New Emblems: 25th Anniversary Nugget -Mobius 1-, 25th Anniversary Nugget -Yellow 13-, ACE COMBAT 7 2nd Anniversary, Shooter, Spooky, Falco, UNF, UNICS, Arrows (Low-Vis) and Falco.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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