It’s barely been a month since Death Stranding hit the shelves but it seems that developer Kojima Productions isn’t interested in resting on its laurels. Updates for the critically acclaimed game have been landing hot and fast. The last Death Stranding patch v1.06 optimised net code and had various unnamed performance improvements. Despite the nebulous descriptions, Kojima Productions has confirmed the next update to the game will let players increase text size and add some gameplay tweaks.

Increasing text size is a great addition as it makes the game a lot more accessible while gameplay tweaks like being able to dispose of individual vehicles are always welcome.

Death Stranding December update release date

Kojima Productions hasn’t given a clear release date for the Death Stranding December update aside from saying it will land mid-December.

If you’re interested in all things Death Stranding or just curious to what all the hype is about, we have you covered. You can also check out our spoiler-free Death Stranding review, lore guide that explains various terms in its world, beginner’s tips and tricks to get you started, every celebrity cameo in the game, details on its day one patch, how long it would take to unlock its platinum trophy and much more. A PC version is due in 2020.

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