Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak from Capcom is out worldwide on Nintendo Switch and Steam. I played the expansion for review on both Switch and Steam. Read my review of the PC version here, Steam Deck performance review here, and Nintendo Switch review here. Today, Capcom revealed the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 3 release date, new monsters coming, Follower improvements, Anomaly changes, and a lot more. This is the third major update, version 13, coming to the game. This update will also arrive with new paid DLC available and new Event Quest support. Check out my DLC guide here and full Event Quest guide here. Watch the free title update 3 trailer below:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak November 2022 roadmap

Following the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 13.0.0 Title Update 3, more updates are planned beginning this Winter. Check out the full roadmap below:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak free title update new monsters

The three monsters added are Chaotic Gore Magala, Risen Kushala Daora, and Risen Teostra.

If you’re new to Sunbreak, read my guides on starting Sunbreak here, early Master Rank armor here, unlocking sub camps here, Ruby and Gold Wirebugs here, Master Rank layered armor here, the postgame here, and afflicted materials with all the monster drops here. I also have a list of the confirmed monsters included and those coming here. Check out my DLC guide for the game here.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out now on Switch and Steam worldwide.

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