Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak from Capcom is out worldwide on Nintendo Switch and Steam. I played the expansion for review on both Switch and Steam. Read my review of the PC version here, Steam Deck performance review here, and Nintendo Switch review here. Today, Capcom released the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 12.0.1 update patch notes for Switch and Steam. This is the first patch following the second free title update arriving with three new monsters, support for new event quests, new paid DLC, Layered Weapons, and more. Watch the free title update 2 trailer below:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 12.0.1 update patch notes

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments

  • Fixed an issue causing save data size to increase when setting augmented armor to the “Vaunted Qurious Crafter” page on the Guild Card.
  • After looking into the issue caused by repeated input of gestures and pose sets, we have adjusted the game to accept a maximum of 4 inputs per second in order to maintain Lobby stability.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error to occur if you try to claim the “Lost Code” Hunter layered weapon pack (14 types) all at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the great swords “Chrome Heaven”, “Antique Machina GS”, and “Lordly Deathcap” would have an insufficient number of Anomaly Slots.
  • Fixed an issue causing Risen Chameleos to behave differently for players with an Anomaly Research Level below 100 and players with an Anomaly Research Level of 100 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue causing Violet Mizutsune to keep going around in circles if the player uses a Tricktoad under specific conditions during the M6★ quest “A Mysterious Pale Flame.”
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash if the player uses the “Equipment Search” function at the Smithy or in the Item Box if they do not have the right to play “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.”
  • The game now no longer autosaves at the start of a cutscene.
  • Players will no longer be able to accept unauthorized Anomaly Investigations at the Quest Counter.
  • If the player joins an Anomaly Investigation via a Join Request, and the quest is identified as unauthorized, a chat log message will now be displayed to notify the player of this fact.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when connecting to the “Nahimic Audio” sound utility software.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak October 2022 roadmap

Following the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 12.0.0 update patch notes reveal and the update going live, the third major update arrives in late November. Check out the full roadmap below:

monster hunter rise sunbreak update roadmap september 2022 november

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak free title update new monsters

The four monsters added are Violet Mizutsune, Flaming Espinas, and Risen Chameleos. As detailed in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 12.0.0 update patch notes, there is a lot more in this update.

If you’re new to Sunbreak, read my guides on starting Sunbreak here, early Master Rank armor here, unlocking sub camps here, Ruby and Gold Wirebugs here, Master Rank layered armor here, the postgame here, and afflicted materials with all the monster drops here. I also have a list of the confirmed monsters included and those coming here. Check out my DLC guide for the game here.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out now on Switch and Steam worldwide.

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