Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak from Capcom is out now on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. I played the expansion for review on PS5, Switch, and Steam. Read my review of the PS5 version here, PC version here, and Steam Deck performance review here. The PC and Switch versions are still updates ahead of other platforms, and Capcom has pushed out the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 15.0.1 update for Switch and Steam today. This update is for Steam and 15.0.1 for Switch. It includes many bug fixes.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 15.0.1 update patch notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the “Guard Bash” Rampage Decoration Skill to activate in response to things other than monster attacks, such as certain locale gimmicks and endemic life.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the “Destructive Dragon Deity” quest from showing up in the Join Request search if players in the same lobby try to join this quest through the “Join Hub Quest” option.
  • Fixed a bug causing an incorrect explanation to be displayed for the “F Jaggi Helm X” at the Buddy Smithy in Elgado.
  • Fixed a bug preventing progress if the player gets hit with an attack during the Quest Completed animation.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak June 2023 roadmap

The June update, which is a bonus update, includes a Variant monster teased below:

If you’re new to Sunbreak, read my guides on starting Sunbreak here, early Master Rank armor here, unlocking sub camps here, Ruby and Gold Wirebugs here, Master Rank layered armor here, the postgame here, and afflicted materials with all the monster drops here. I also have a list of the confirmed monsters included and those coming here. Check out my DLC guide for the game here and full Event Quest guide here.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and Steam worldwide.

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