No More Heroes 3 from Grasshopper Manufacture released last year worldwide on Nintendo Switch. Read my review here and tips and tricks feature here. We featured it as our best soundtrack of 2021, one of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2021, and one of the best games of 2021. Today, Marvelous announced that No More Heroes 3 will launch on October 6 in Japan for PS5, PS4, and Xbox platforms. This follows Xseed Games announcement for the West which had the ports and release window announced for the West. Watch the new No More Heroes 3 PS5 gameplay video showcasing the new ports and Japanese dub below:

No More Heroes 3 PS5 resolution and frame rate

No More Heroes 3 on PS5 and Xbox Series X will be 4K and 60fps with enhanced graphics.

No More Heroes 3 Japanese voice cast

The Japanese voice option will also be added to Switch through an update. The cast via Gematsu is below:

  • Travis Touchdown (voiced by Kazuya Nakai)
  • FU (Jess Baptiste VI) (voiced by Yuki Kaji)
  • Damon Riccitiello (voiced by Junya Enoki)
  • Sylvia Christel (voiced by Marina Inoue)
  • Jeane (voiced by Shinichiro Miki)
  • Shinobu Jacobs (voiced by Eri Kitamura)
  • Bad Girl / Ohma (voiced by Yuuko Sanpei)
  • Mr. Blackhole / Native Dancer (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto)
  • Gold Joe / Sniping Lee (voiced by Tetsuharu Oota)
  • Black Night Direction / Paradox Bandit (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)
  • Henry Cooldown / Vanishing Point (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi)
  • Midori Midorikawa (voiced by Reina Ueda)
  • Sonic Juice (voiced by Junichi Suwabe)
  • Notorious (voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda)
  • Bishop Shidux (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura)
  • NT Kamui (voiced by Souma Saitou)
  • Kimmy Howell / Dr. Juvenile (voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto)
  • Destroyman True Face (voiced by Kouichi Sakaguchi)

No More Heroes 3 physical release for PS5, PS4, and Xbox 

The No More Heroes 3 Day 1 Edition is priced at $59.99 and it feautres:

  • A copy of No More Heroes 3
  • 5.3”x7.3” softcover art book with more than 70 pages of gorgeous artwork
  • A CD featuring select songs from the soundtrack
  • 7”x4” Santa Destroy commemorative biker license plate
  • A custom box featuring a new original illustration by series artist Yusuke Kozaki

No More Heroes 3 features for PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC

The new version will have improved HD visuals, framerates, and faster loading times.

No More Heroes 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch. It releases this fall for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store and on October 6 for consoles in Japan.

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