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Persona 5 Royal Release Date Broken Internationally

The Persona 5 Royal release date is March 31 but it appears that enterprising retailers in the Middle East and parts of Europe have released it early.

Persona 5 Royal Makes One of the Best RPGs Ever Even...

Persona 5 Royal vs Persona 5? It’s no contest because Persona 5 Royal’s changes makes it the best way to play one of the best PS4 games ever.

Persona 5 Royal Ultimate, Deluxe, and Standard Edition Pre-Orders Up on...

Persona 5 Royal pre-orders, price, editions, and everything you need to know about this PS4 exclusive.

Persona 5 the Stage Announced With Performances Planned for This December...

Two stage performances for Persona 5 the Stage have been announced so far in Japan.

Persona 5 DLC Confirmed for English Release of Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body is getting Persona 5 DLC in the West.

Every Japanese Game Release in April 2020

Every Japanese game release date in April 2020 with trailers and links for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.