Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition releases this week for Nintendo Switch and it brings the massive JRPG that debuted on PS4 and PC to Nintendo’s hybrid system with a plethora of new and exclusive content. Ever since it was properly revealed in a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has been constantly revealing more about what new and veteran Dragon Quest fans can expect from the enhanced release of one of last year’s better games. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dragon Quest XI S release date

Dragon Quest XI S releases on September 27 worldwide for Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch price

Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch costs $59.99 (Approximately Rs. 4,250) and is a full priced game. 

Dragon Quest XI S India release date and price

Since Dragon Quest XI S is being published and distributed by Nintendo and not Square Enix, it will not be available here officially. You will need to look at parallel import stores or game specialist retailers like MCube Games will be selling it post release.

Dragon Quest XI S download size and pre-load

Dragon Quest XI S is available for pre-load on Nintendo Switch and the download size is 13.8GB. This is much smaller than the PS4 file size which is above 30GB with all patches.

Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch frame rate

Dragon Quest XI S targets 30fps on Nintendo Switch just like the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions. The frame rate holds up very well which is surprising given the scale of the JRPG.

Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch resolution

Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch isn’t 1080p while docked and it isn’t 720p while handheld. This means it isn’t hitting the native resolution for gameplay in either mode. Thankfully, the user interface and menus are crisp in both modes. Despite the drop in resolution compared to base PS4 which was 900p, Dragon Quest XI S looks good enough. As always, handheld mode hides a lot of the visual imperfections.

Dragon Quest XI S contents

Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch includes the entire base game that was on PS4 and PC last year in addition to loads of new exclusive content, enhancements, new story content, and more. It also includes the Japan only Nintendo 3DS exclusive 2D Mode letting you play the whole game more or less like the old school Dragon Quest releases.

Dragon Quest XI S 2D mode explained

You can switch to 2D mode at any safe location where you access a goddess statue but there is a catch. You will be put back into the beginning of a chapter if you do this according to Nintendo. The 2D mode also lets you visit locations from past Dragon Quest games which is great for longtime fans of the series. The 2D mode also has random encounters just like the older Dragon Quest games.

Dragon Quest XI S dual audio

Unlike Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and PC that only had English voice acting, Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch features both English and a newly recorded Japanese voice acting track. There are also newly voiced lines that were unvoiced on PS4 and PC in the Nintendo Switch version.

Dragon Quest XI S orchestral soundtrack

Unlike the PS4 and PC versions of Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch lets you switch between the midi or orchestral soundtrack for the game.

Dragon Quest XI S DLC list

Barring a starter item pack that is available for free day one, Nintendo has announced paid DLC in the form of Dragon Quest VIII content that lets you play Dragon Quest XI S with Dragon Quest VIII music and Voice Drama DLC featuring additional story content. Pricing for these will be revealed soon.

Dragon Quest XI S demo and progress transfer

The Dragon Quest XI S demo is available now for Nintendo Switch and you can transfer progress to the final game.

Dragon Quest XI S demo download size

The Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch demo file size is 4.7GB.

Should I buy Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo Switch if I already own it on PS4 or PC?

While both the PS4 and PC versions offer much better image quality (and much higher performance in the case of PC), the Nintendo Switch version has enough new and exclusive content to justify the Definitive Edition name with new game modes, new story content, more voice acting, new music options, and a lot more. Read our impressions of the Nintendo Switch demo here.

Dragon Quest XI S Editions

While North America, Australia, Europe, and more just get a standard edition, Japan has two standard editions for Dragon Quest XI S and a custom console. One of the standard retail releases includes a DLC code. Check out the console packaging below:

Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers

If you have Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers, Dragon Quest XI S is eligible letting you save $10 off.

Dragon Quest XI S Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit unlock

If you have save data from Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch or the demo, you can unlock a free spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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