Following the reveal and release of the Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown 2nd Anniversary Update, Ace Combat 7 has gotten a small update today with some updates and changes to aircraft skins, interiors, and text. This Ace Combat 7 version 1.70 update has gone live on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam worldwide. We featured Ace Combat 7 in our Best Games of 2019Best Xbox One Games of 2019, and Best PC Games of 2019 features. We even selected Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown as our best soundtrack of 2019. It is unclear whether today’s update has any data to support the upcoming Experimental Aircraft Series DLC that was revealed a few weeks ago. Watch the newest Ace Combat 7 trailer showcasing this DLC below:

Ace Combat 7 version 1.70 update patch notes

  • Updated the interior cockpit design of some aircraft.
  • Updated skin of some aircraft.
  • Miscellaneous text updates.

Ace Combat 7 Experimental Aircraft Series DLC list

The full list of DLC due this Spring via Gematsu is below:

New Fighters

  • F-15 S/MTD short (Takeoff and Landing / Maneuver Technology Demonstrator)
  • FB-22 Strike Raptor (Stealth Fighter Bomber)
  • F-16XL (New Advanced Technical Fighter)

New Skins

  • Grabacr Skin (Su-47 Berkut)
  • Ofnir Skin (Su-37 Terminator)
  • Sorcerer Skin (F-15 S/MTD)
  • Wizard Skin (F-16XL)
  • Z.O.E. Skin (YF-23 Black Widow II)
  • Varcolac Skin (A-10C Thunderbolt II)
  • Huckebein Skin (MiG-21bis Fishbed)
  • Markov Skin (Su-35S Flanker-E)
  • Red Moon Skin (MiG-29A Fulcrum)
  • Markov Skin (Su-57)
  • Flash Skin (FB-22 Strike Raptor)
  • Butterfly Master Skin (CFA-44 Nosferatu)
  • Strigon Skin (Su-33 Flanker-D)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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