Guilty Gear Strive from Arc System Works just had its final Season Pass 1 character released alongside the confirmation of crossplay and Season Pass 2 at the Arc Revo America Finals 2021. We featured Guilty Gear Strive as one of the best games of 2021 and one of the best soundtracks of 2021. The final playable character of Season Pass 1 is Testament who is now available on PS5, PS4, and Steam alongside the new battle stage for Season Pass 1 owners. Today, Arc System Works announced that the Another Story DLC for the game will release on April 29 for Season Pass 1 owners.

Guilty Gear Strive Another Story DLC

Guilty Gear Strive Another Story DLC details

Guilty Gear Strive Another Story DLC gives the player a look behind the curtain from another perspective featuring characters who didn’t show up in the main story like Ramlethal, May, and Baiken. It also introduces Delilah, a young girl who has awoken from a long slumber.
Her one and only motive is to get revenge for her brother’s life.

Guilty Gear Strive crossplay and Season Pass 2

Guilty Gear Strive will get crossplay between Steam and PS5, PS4 and Season Pass 2 this year.

Guilty Gear Strive is out now on PS5, PS4, and Steam. Read my PS5 review here and platform comparison here.

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