Square Enix and Nintendo released the Triangle Strategy version 1.1.0 update today on Switch and Steam with patch notes revealing new story content, replay mode, and a lot more. If you’ve not gotten it yet, Triangle Strategy is a brand new tactical RPG from Square Enix that denuted on Nintendo Switch with a gorgeous HD 2D aesthetic from Octopath Traveler. It later came to PC via Steam. Read my Triangle Strategy Nintendo Switch review here and Steam Deck review here. Triangle Strategy is also our winner for the best soundtrack of 2022 and we featured it in our lists for the best games of the year, best PC and Steam Deck games, and best Nintendo Switch games of the year.

Triangle Strategy version 1.1.0 update patch notes for Switch

  • Added a Character Story replay feature
  • Added a Story Battle replay feature
  • Added Extra Chapter events
    • Note: You must have completed Serenoa’s route in the main story to play the extra chapters.
  • Several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience.

Triangle Strategy version 1.1.0 update patch notes for Steam

 War Chronicle
• Added replay chapter feature

■ The Tavern
• Added replay story battle feature

■ Title Screen
• Added Extra Story (requires completion of Serenoa’s route)

■ Other
• Made some battle adjustments for repeat playthroughs
• Improved some loot (money and items) dropped by enemies during repeat playthroughs
• The “…” symbol animation can now be interrupted and skipped
• Assigned a button to skip the company logos that appear when launching the game
• Added a relief measure for when achievements cannot be obtained due to a network error
• Amended some tutorial text in line with updates
• Fixes to other minor bugs

It is great and surprising to see an update like this arrive over a year after launching considering the game was already superlative.

If you aren’t sure about the game yet, there is a free demo available on the eShop with save data carrying over to the full game. This lets you sample the first few hours of the final game and get a good feel for Square Enix’s newest tactical RPG.

Triangle Strategy is out now worldwide for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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