With Persona 5 Royal having an October 31 release date in Japan, Atlus revealed when the English version of Persona 5 Royal would be available. While it’s not a concrete date, a Persona 5 Royal trailer released by the company confirms a Spring 2020 release window for Western markets and India. This Persona 5 Royal trailer debuted at the Atlus Art Exhibit 2019 in California earlier today. Considering that the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are out around the same time, it’ll be interesting to see when exactly it would be released. You can watch the Persona 5 Royal release window trailer right here.

Is Persona 5 Royal coming to India?

Despite Persona 5 being one of the best games of this generation, it skipped India. This is because the publishing rights for it were with Deep Silver and not Sega in Europe and India. Deep Silver’s distributor at the time, Sunder Electronics thought that the game wouldn’t have an audience in India and refused to bring it. With Persona 5 Royal being published by Sega globally coupled with a more proactive distributor in E-xpress, India should get Persona 5 Royal the same time as all regions outside of Japan do.

Persona 5 Royal character trailers

Persona 5 Royal releases on October 31 in Japan with a Western (and Indian) release planned for Spring 2020 on PS4.

For more Persona 5 Royal details check out information on new characters, interactions, and a whole lot more.

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