With the PS5 and Xbox Series X set to arrive in a few months, it is going to be interesting to see the release schedules change for many games. Highly anticipated games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon finally had pre-orders going live and Square Enix’s Dragon Quest XI S is set to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this December. This month starts off relatively empty before picking up speed from the middle. There are some interesting ports, Falcom’s newest Kiseki game, remasters, and a cult classic being localised for the first time. Here are the games you need to play in August 2020.

Japanese games to play in August 2020

August 13

Collar X Malice: Unlimited
Aksys Games
Nintendo Switch

August 18

Death End Re;Quest 2
Idea Factory International

August 20

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition
Spike Chunsoft
iOS, Android

August 25

Death End Re;Quest 2
Idea Factory International

Kandagawa Jet Girls
Xseed Games

August 27

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition
Square Enix
PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki (Japan only)

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure
Onion Games
Nintendo Switch

August 28

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions
Bandai Namco Entertainment
PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC

Jump Force: Deluxe Edition
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Nintendo Switch

We will update this if more games get announced for a release this month.

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